best top 10 small business idea Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

best top 10 small business idea Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment
best top 10 small business idea Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment


01. Tea Stall – Tea Stall business
However, the business of Tea Stall in India is seen as a traditional business. But even today the significance of this has not been reduced. Because the people did not chay peena less. Rather, the tea break was started in large offices and factories. The biggest advantage of this Tea Break was that of chay outside the office. In Indian Culture, chay drinking is taken as an action to get rid of stress.

While asking for chay from a person’s identity, chay is known as a civilization. In the office, a little more work is done and drinks drink chay. You are getting tired of the journey and you drink a little chay. Or on the road, some people have got the recognition and they drink tea. Therefore, select one such area. Where there is an industrial area i.e. the area where the factory is more. Or you can make a city bus stand, train station or any other place that is more crowded, making it a part of your small business idea.

02. Bread Making – Bread making business
You can start the business of making bread from your house. Bread and Eggs are popular in the morning at breakfast in India even today. Perhaps their popularity is because time is very Kam in making them. Or say Bread if it is ready to eat, it will not be wrong to say it. In this adventurous life, when making man Khana, and even eating Khana, it is very difficult to take time. Then the alternative that he sees is that bread. Bread Maker’s Small Business Idea can make your home sitting at Kamai.

03. Jute Making – Gur Ya Jaggery Making business
Jaggery is called Good in Hindi. It is used in various dishes of Khane. However, jaggery in India is mostly made from sugarcane juice. Hence this Small Business can be seen as a Seasonal Business. But despite being seasonal, there are plenty of possibilities in this business. If you belong to Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra, then you can start this small jaggery easily from your home. Because you will get the availability of Raw Mal easily. The advantage of this Small Business is that you can easily understand the process of making Jaggery. And you can experiment with yourself as a first experiment. Therefore, Jaggery Making at home can also be your Kamai business.


04. Cooking and Partying at parties – Cooking in  Parties and Marriage functions
You are a housewife, even then. You are a person related to the hotel area, even then. You are neither of these two. You are just one human being. But there is a wonderful art hidden inside you to make a meal. So this is for you in Small Business Idea Hindi. To do this small business you will need first. It would be marketing your cooking skills.

If you get a chance at some place like a little fat work, or in somebody’s berth day party or any other event, make the right food for free. People like food. So they definitely ask the name of the cook. And as the discussion of making your meal will be heard among more people. You will definitely give the task of making any food on any of the same people. And gradually this Small Business Idea will be completely converted into your business.


best top 10 small business idea Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

05. Chips Making – Chips Making business
Only those who drink alcohol do not use chips as a chucking. Rather, the children fall behind the parents to get chips. And even nowadays, large companies have incorporated chips into their Empowerment refreshment content during work. So if you start this business on a small level, and later expand it then this Idea has the ability to change your life to 90 degrees.

06. Project Formulation / Business Plan For a Bank Loan

In order to encourage new businessman/women and new business ideas, Government has introduced several schemes such as Prime Minister Employable Generation Program, Start-Up India, Prime Minister Money Scheme etc. And under these schemes, a bank loan has also been made for business. But the banks ask for a business plan before making loans for business. So if you have any experience in creating a Business Plan. So you can work for people who want to do business through a bank loan. And this small Business Idea can make your own business sitting at home.

07. Graphic Design – Graphic Designs
From graphic design, we mean that communication. In which you are trying to explain your speech through an image, form, poster, cartoon, chart etc. This method of communication is very prevalent in the internet era. That’s why every business needs graphic designers. If you have this skill, then you can start this Small Business Idea from your home.

08. Writing Bio Data – Resume writing
There is a saying that what needs do not do with man. So today’s educated Yuva is needed, do not be a good resume, resonate, industry oriented. At least must be Market-Oriented. Only when the job provider will think about your resume. Now if you have a resume writing skill. So this small business idea is for you.

09. Insurance Marketing Firm
However, in order to do this business, your rupees can cost up to 5 lakhs. And according to the definition of ultra-small industry, the business which is set up in less than 10 lakhs or less than 10 lakhs in the service sector. Comes in the category of small-scale industries. That’s why we have included this business in our list of Small Business Ideas. To start the business of Insurance Marketing Firm, you are inviting the IRDA of India Insurance Regulatory Authority.

10. Earning by putting an ATM
Those people with around 100 square feet of land and that land is in a residential area. So those people have the chance to start their Survival Business and earn 10 to 30 thousand rupees every month. To make money from this small business, you have to know in your area what is the bank, whose ATM is not available in your area. After that, the bank has to know about its requirement. You can do this either online or by visiting the Direct Bank. In general, according to the bank sector, rent of 10 to 30 thousand rupees for an ATM is levied.

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