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This is what we have presented in English. Anyone of them chooses a Business Idea according to your own interests. And again further information and training for just the business idea that you have selected.


1. Making Ice Cream Business
Do an analysis before doing this business. That is, do you live in such a place where the number of children is high. If the answer is yes, then you should make this ice cream business. Because this will be your child’s main client in this business. You too must have felt.
When children insist on eating ice cream. So it is such a stubbornness that every Maa BAP has to be fulfilled because without eating ice cream, children are not willing to listen to anything. Well, what you have to do, you have to convert our business into your business by adopting our Small Business Idea.

2. Rigid Badge Business in Clothing
Who does not like to wear attractive clothes, everyone wants to wear attractive clothes and look attractive. But where women are worried about wearing, only attractive clothes do not make clothes attractive. Make them attractive, embroidered and Beijing made in the clothes. Therefore, you can also make a piece of embroidery and badge work in a cloth as part of your Small Business Idea. Companies or people related to the clothes business will come to you to give this work. Or you can find your customers in Market itself.

3. Business Making of PopCorn:
Anyone can do this small business idea, anyway. But if you belong to the rural area, So you can do this business and by creating popcorn, knowing its packaging method, send popcorn created by packaging to the cities. Popcorn is mostly made from maize. And maize is cultivated only in rural India. Therefore, the raw material can be found in the countryside for making Pop Corn.

4. Paper Plate & Cup Making Business
Paper-made papers are not used in roadside dubs, tea shops etc. In addition to being used in various events, it also happens in large companies. So to earn from this Small Business idea, a very large area is looking at your path.

5. The work of making mattresses and pillows
Razai mattress blanket etc. business is not a seasonal business. Yes, it is a different matter that in the winter, your robe and blanket will be sold a little more than the summer. Rosewood, mattress, blanket, not just people buy in winter. But can buy anytime. Because the transaction of Rosewood, mattress, blanket, etc. is according to the traditional method of custom. Such as razai mattresses etc., etc., so it can be a good idea to start this business at even the small level.

6. Home tuition business – Business tuition from home
If you are proficient in any topic. Nowadays, parents living in rural areas have become very aware of their children’s education. In cities then this trend was already. By taking advantage of this awareness, you can take care of their children’s education, they can either give them a tuition in their own home or in their home. And you can earn money by making this small business idea part of your business.

7. Building and Home Painting Work – Building and Home Painting
Often people do homework on their home wedding or in festivals, such as painting their homes. As is said at the time of Diwali, that the arrival of Lakshmi is done in cleanliness houses. Those who inspire people to paint their home. Their inspiration can be the inspiration for your business for the people.

8. Laundry Cleaning – Laundry Business
Before doing this small business idea, it is important to analyze the lives of people living in that area, wearing the habit of habits etc. So you are doing this business in such a place where people do not wear suits. Have you analyzed their ability to spend? Some people are washing the blankets of their own house and so on in their own house. This small business idea can be beneficial only. When you ask yourself the above questions, start this business.

9. Mobile Phone Repairing Business – Mobile Phone Repairing Business
Someone has been worried about the use of Mobile. Perhaps this is a bit difficult to say. Because mobile phones have not only become part of the lifestyle of urban people. Rather, more and more people living in rural areas have also made mobile phones part of their lifestyle. This small business idea has immense potential. Since every person has a mobile, there is also a person with two or three mobile. So what would you have also made mobile part of your lifestyle Now make a part of your business?

10. Photo studio and photography business – Photo studio and photography business
The photography business is economical, along with being a business that is ripening the mind. That’s why many people also do amateur photography. With the advent of the internet now, more opportunities are seen in this business. You can not just sit in a wedding ceremony or in your studio to take photographs. Rather you can contract from large companies to take photographs during their event. Apart from this, you can earn money by taking photographs of any item, object, natural scenes and selling them through the internet. By the way, the idea of a photo studio and photography business is a young generation. Can prove to be a milestone…


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